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Beyond The Mesas

Miscellaneous Hopi Resources

A good capsule history of the Hopis can be found on the Northern Arizona University website, which contains as well Hopi curriculum for teachers. Also on the NAU site, the Hopi Cultural Preservation Office has information about Hopi agriculture, traditional knowledge, references and recommended reading, and a map of the Hopi reservation.

The Library of Congress's American Memory web resources contain over 300 Hopi-related photographs from the collection of the Denver Public Library. The Library of Congress contains information on Hopi dry farming as well and its close connection to Hopi culture and beliefs. Using "Hopi" to search the Library of Congress's collections brings up extensive resources, including text, photographs, and even digitized film.

This article in the publication of the National Archives describes a project to move beyond the lens and bias of the Spanish explorers for understanding 16th and 17th century Hopi history and life and instead drawing on Hopi oral tradition.

The video clip begins with the Allotment Act of 1887 and then describes the subsequent trip by four Hopi chiefs to Washington. They return changed men. The chiefs meet with their people and explain the challenges that they face. Chief Loololma defines a strategy that he hopes will preserve and strengthen the Hopi culture and way of life.

There are many individual stories of Hopi People and their ancestors’ experiences in Indian Boarding Schools. Most of the family storytellers here went to Sherman Boarding School in California. The Hopi People live traditional lives on mesas in northern Arizona. Follow their stories as they travel to school then discover how they lived and worked. Today, the Hopi children attend schools in their own communities.

The impact of the boarding school experience was both deep and broad and it influences the Hopi culture today.

The Hopi children adjusted to boarding school life by taking responsibility for their lives

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